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What's Your Fantasy?

As a long-time a role-player, game master, and consumer of all things fantasy in all its glorious media, mine is to physically step into the worlds my mind explores.

The closest I can come is to write about those who can.


  Coming December 1, 2022

A Universe of Trouble

As a modern coven of witches, the Freyjur step into works of fiction for fun and profit.

Arguably the most fun part is la quimica, a heady sexual chemistry that suffuse every work they stop into regardless of the original fiction.

But Lenore isn't a bit comfortable with the hedonistic flings that come with the territory. She dreads the emotional investment of getting caught up in a whirlwind romance that's all too quickly over. So when the coven ventures into the sprawling, space opera universe of Space Jockey Zero, it's all a business trip for Lenore. She's there to cure cancer, nothing else.

Then a case of mistaken identity leaves her stranded and alone.

To linger in the alien reality can bring only madness-but before Lenore can hope to get home she'll have to stop an interstellar war, teach the greatest threat to galactic civilization how to be evil, and find some way to deal with a whirlwind romance that's going terribly right.

At least there's cocoa.

Learning To Spell

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A Spell is a Wish Your Heart Makes

The Lovelace Community College of Applied Magic had always been Sylvie’s dream. She would attend. She would excel. She would become one of the most accomplished alumni to ever walk its halls.

But her acceptance letter never came because of one infuriatingly stupid little problem: Lovelace didn’t exist.

Sylvie had lived so much of her childhood vicariously through the books and the movies it felt real. Anything that felt that real should exist.

But no. The most magic her life can muster is volunteering at a fantasy convention for a chance to meet Diana Taylor, the actress who starred in the Lovelace movies.

Then everything changes when Diana invites Sylvie up to her room and introduces her to new possibilities that have nothing to do with spending the night with another woman. Well, okay, they could. Or maybe they could involve her pick of two or three intriguing men. The point isn’t that so many of her new possibilities are lascivious.

The point is magic doesn’t have to be at all what she expected for it to be real.

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